Tom Halls & Simone French, are an outrageous & experimental performance duo, TomYumSim. They challenge conventional notions of performance & rebel against the mainstream, connecting on a desire to interrogate interactive & immersive performance. Creating queer, absurd, frenetic theatre, TomYumSim put the audience’s experience at the centre of their work. Known for transforming unusual & diverse spaces into bespoke environments, their work interweaves AV, soundscapes, movement and vocals in their live and participatory experiences. During 2020 they have been producing work in online & digital spaces using phones, Zoom & Youtube. 

TomYumSim is run by Simone French and Tom Halls. We create and collaborate with a variety of amazing creatives. 


Tighten your buttocks, pour juice on your chin, I promise my piggy, we’re TomYumSim.


"Not shying away from the provocative"- The Guardian
"TomYumSim walk the fine line between madness and truth" - The Plus Ones
"Absurd, brilliant, and entertaining" - TheatrePress ★★★★



Simone French

Co-Artistic Director

Emphasizing strong female voices, Simone French is co-artistic director of TomYumSim. An unconventional theatre-maker, performer, singer and arts facilitator hailing from Naarm (Melbourne) and creating work across the UK and Australia. She creates provocative participatory theatre that satirizes pop-culture and interweaves song and technology into these live and digital experiences. 


Tom Halls

Co-Artistic Director

Tom is a Manchester/Scottish/Australian performance artist, writer and co-artistic director of TomYumSim. He brings a queer genderf*ck aesthetic to his performative work, seeking to disrupt mainstream narrative. Focussing on queer experience, Tom’s practice centres on creating pieces that challenge and test audience engagement in unorthodox live or digital spaces. Tom is an absolute wizz at videography and creates all the video content for TomYumSim.