Tom Halls & Simone French, are an outrageous & experimental performance duo, TomYumSim. They challenge conventional notions of performance & rebel against the mainstream, connecting on a desire to interrogate interactive & immersive performance. Creating queer, absurd, frenetic theatre, TomYumSim put the audience’s experience at the centre of their work. Known for transforming unusual & diverse spaces into bespoke environments, their work interweaves AV, soundscapes, movement and vocals in their live and participatory experiences. During 2020 they have been producing work in online & digital spaces using phones, Zoom & Youtube. 

Tighten your buttocks, pour juice on your chin, I promise my piggy, we’re TomYumSim.


"Not shying away from the provocative"- The Guardian
"TomYumSim walk the fine line between madness and truth" - The Plus Ones
"Absurd, brilliant, and entertaining" - TheatrePress ★★★★


Simone French

Co-Artistic Director

Tom Halls

Co-Artistic Director

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