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Green Room Award: Contemporary and Experimental Performance

A Suffocating Choking Feeling is a subversive interrogation of truth in the age of social media inspired by Instagram’s most infamous wellness influencer and cancer “survivor” Belle Gibson (as seen on BBC’s ‘Bad Influencer’).

Living day to day, not knowing if tomorrow will come, Simone Hamilton is overcoming the odds. Rising star singer and influencer, her followers have witnessed it all.
But what makes them believe it’s all true?

Blending live performance with video streaming and interactive social media experiments, Simone explores influencer culture and our dangerous obsession with crafting “authentic” versions of ourselves online.


With dark humour, A Suffocating Choking Feeling plays with the boundaries of truth and ethics, testing audiences’ willingness to believe…

Best Contemporary & Experimental Performance – Green Room Awards 2021
Best Theatre Nominee – Melbourne Fringe 2020.

Supported by Camden People’s Theatre, Theatre Deli & Pleasance Theatre.

Creator & Performer  Simone French 

Dramaturgy & Videography Tom Halls  

2022: Get On The Internet Residency

2021: Camden People's Theatre; Work In Progress

2021: Edinburgh Fringe - Pleasance Theatre - Digital Fringe - live on Zoom

2020: Melbourne Digital Fringe Festival - Digital Experiment -  Nominated for Best Theatre Award


2020: Scratch at Cambridge Junction - First Manoeuvres

2019: Scratch at Pleasance London

2019: Scratch for Barrel Organ LIVE

2019: Scratch at CRAVE Festival (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)

"The most striking section implicates the audience in the star’s downfall through a live chat Q&A, before twisting to consider charlatanry in the context

of artistic research and funding." ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cameron Woodhead, The Age

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