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Performance of the work -

2017: Melbourne Fringe Festival Commission with Art Play

Presented by Melbourne Fringe and ArtPlayCreated by Tom Halls and Simone French


Performances by Tim Phillips, Samuel Russo, Adam Ibrahim, Tom Halls, Simone French, Ruby Hughes,Chelsea Zeller,  Isabel Angus,  Rebekah Robertson

Turn that binary upside down! 

Rainbow Paradiso is an anything-goes interactive performance party where young people of any and every flavour are welcome. Hosted by the Birds of Paradise (Hotel Now’s Simone French and Tom Halls) this is a funky jungle jam full of re-appropriated pop songs, gender-bending folk tales, high-octane group dance numbers and special guests from across the Festival rainbow. If that isn’t enough to tickle you pink, there’ll also be a wild catwalk to forgotten Savage Garden classic ‘The Animal Song’ and who could want more than that? Come help turn the status quo on its head and create an alternative alternate that embraces families of all shapes, sizes and configurations.
All children must be accompanied by an adult


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