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‘A MULTIDIMENSIONAL SONIC EXPERIENCE’ - An Immersive experience through space, using sound and music creation to unlock each space. 

According to String Theory, our universe is connected to billions of alternate realities. What if we could hear, feel or experience the other dimensions?

String Lines was formed as part of a one week development through REACT at the Royal Exchange Theatre and had a work-in-progress showing as part of the Co:LAB Festival 2019 at the Royal Exchange. TomYumSim (Tom Halls & Simone French) collaborated with Manchester based electronic artists, Joshua Ward and Rhys Sumner, to tear apart the construct of musical theatre and reassemble it with electronic vibrating particles.

Reactions from the first public showing were; “A wild journey through the mind” and “A unique unmissable experience.


String Lines was created with BSL and Captioning, interwoven throughout the piece to make it accessible performance.


Creator & Performer

Tom Halls - Creator & Performer

Joshua Ward - Creator & Musician

Rhys Sumner - Creator & Musician

Photography & Video - Chris Payne

Thank you to Amy Clewes, Bryony Shanahan, Grace Ng-Ralph, The Cohort of Co:Lab 2019, Staff and Creatives at Royal Exchange Theatre, Royal Exchange Costume Hire.

Performances of the work -

2019 - The First Development of String Lines with the assistance of Royal Exchange through the REACT development and programmed for Co:LAB Festival

2021 - We are currently in the process developing the content of the work - with a focus on empower disenfranchised queer voices and unify the audience through the human expression of art. String Lines will test ways to create this dynamic future, igniting creative agency in our audiences by inviting them to express what they want to see in the this new world post COVID. 

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